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Replacement Pods

Replacement Pods


This section is dedicated to replacement pods for multiple number of Pod Systems that we support. 


Some pods contain pre-installed coils, others allow the user to insert their own coil of choice. 


The Majority of the pods are sold in Multipacks for added value at amazing wholesale prices. 


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Prime X 2ml Pod

Prime X 2ml Pod WholesaleNautilus Prime X 2ml ..

Prime X V2 Pod

Prime X V2 Pod WholesaleNautilus Prime X V2 Po..

Prime X V2 BP Pod

Prime X V2 BP Pod WholesaleNautilus Prime X V2..

Prime X 2ml BP Pod

Prime X 2ml BP Pod WholesaleNautilus Prime X 2..

Aspire Finixx Pod V2

Aspire Finixx Pod V2 WholesaleReplacement Aspi..

Aspire Finixx Pod 2ml

Aspire Finixx Pod 2ml WholesaleReplacement Asp..

Favostix Pods

Aspire Favostix Pods WholesaleAspire Favostix ..

Nautilus Prime BP Pod

Nautilus Prime BP Pod WholesaleWant to use the..

Aspire BP80 V2 Pod

Aspire BP80 V2 Pod WholesaleAspire BP80 V2 Pod..

Aspire BP80 Pod

Aspire BP80 Pod WholesaleAspire BP80 Pods Whol..