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Steep Lyfe

Steep Lyfe


Steep Lyfe E Liquid Wholesale UK

Steep Lyfe E Liquid broke onto the scene early 2019 and due to its outstanding branding and range of flavours has become very popular. 


The Steep Lyfe bottles are presented in a 120ml bottle carrying 100ml of juice. Perfect for adding x2 Nic Shots to create an epic 3mg vape. 


The bottles have a removable nib making it very easy to access to insert Nic Shots. There is no need to fight to remove the seal. 


Flavours are outstanding with no holding back on concentrates. If you haven't got Steep Lyfe in stock today we highly recommend you do so. 


Steep Lyfe E Liquid Wholesale UK - Supplied from our team at CS Distro

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