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Brit Bar

Brit Bar

Brit Bar Disposable V2 Vape Wholesale

Brit Bar Disposable Vape Wholesale - Get Direct from CS Distro (The Master Distro) for this premium UK kit.


With Elf Bar prices having gone up by the manufacturer what better time to look at Brit Bar ! The latest V2 version delivers far better airflow than before and now rivals Elf Bar.

This is all at a fraction of the price of the new Elf Bar cost price!


Presenting a disposable device FULLY REGISTERED with the MHRA. Filled in the UK with UK made E Liquid to the highest specifications / testing requirements. Disposables have exploded in popularity in the UK vape market but that has brought a number of poor quality devices hoping to take advantage of the current trends.


Brit Bar is long in the making and is fully focused on delivering an outstanding smooth vaping experience, great flavour but FULLY tested and screened against all known nasties.


Brit Bar has impressive compliant packaging that will stand out on any shelf in the UK against any like for like product.


At a trade price that delivers UK made / tested juice in a quality device at more affordable prices than Chinese brands it is a no brainer....


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