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Brit bar Black Chew

New Brit bar Black Chew


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Brit Bar Black Chew

Brit Bar Black Chew Wholesale UK - CS Distro.

A Sweet homage to a childhood sweet shop favourite, indulge in this pure delightful nostalgic trip. The gold old days are but a little vape away.

Instant use ready to go out of the packet, just remove the safety tab on the mouthpiece and inhale to activate.

100% UK made juice

The E Liquid found inside Brit Bar is 100% made and filled right here in the UK. Meaning safer, cleaner flavours to be enjoyed by your customers.


The Brit Bar devices are fully compliant to all regulations and have been registered, notified and displayed on the MHRA Portal.

20mg Nicotine Salt

Tested to deliver a consistent dosage of nicotine each and everytime you vape a Brit Bar. Nicotine and E Liquid are fully tested to UK regulation standards.

575 Puffs

Each Brit Bar delivers average 575 Puffs before being safely disposed of. Meaning you get more lifespan for less cost.


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